April 13, 1914


But Organist Throws on the Pedals and Drowns Voice of Jane Est.

New York. April 12.—Jane Est, a young woman Industrial Workers of the World sympathizer, today at the morning service of the Madison Square Presbyterian church interrupted the service and was arrested. Rising from a seat just over the chancel, Miss Est started an attack on the Rev. Dr. Charles H. Packhurst, the pastor.

"I want to call your attention to an article in this paper," the young woman said. It was just as the prayer of consecration was about to be offered. As she spoke, she waved a newspaper. "This church," she added, "has a minister who repudiates Christ."

The organist, looking over his shoulder and catching sight of the speaker, began running his fingers gently over the keys. Miss Est then essayed to pitch her voice above the melody of the organ, but the organist changed from the treble clef, threw on the pedals and fairly shook the edifice with the sonorous vibrations of the big pipes. Only a, syllable or two of what the woman was trying to say reached the congregation.

Hearing of the disturbance the sexton rushed to the street and called a policeman. The two men, assisted by members of the congregation, ejected Miss Est from the building. She was taken to a police station, where she was charged with disturbing public worship.

Miss Est was arraigned and held in $500 bail for examination Tuesday. She could not furnish bail and was remanded to the Jefferson Market prison, adjoining the court.

Dr. Parkhurst, who was ill, was not in the church when Miss Est began her harangue.