1914.04.04: WOMEN FAINTED

April 4, 1914


When Forced to Tell of Affronts by Rev. Dr. Price.

NEW YORK, April 4,—The fainting of two women witnesses and calling out of the police reserves to suppress Miss Jane Est, an I. W. W. orator, who grasped the occasion to denounce church trials this afternoon, threw the trial of Rev. Dr. Jacob B. Price, charged with kissing and embracing women of his congregation, into a wild uproar.

Mrs. Lillian Miller, formerly a member of Dr. Price's Washington Heights church, but who now lives in Baltimore, fainted as she left the stand. She had been subjected to a grilling examination in a vain effort to get her to tell details of an alleged affront by Dr. Price.

Mrs. Hilma Dohl also fainted as she declared Dr. Price, while she was visiting him in his parsonage, hugged her and pushed her onto a lounge in his studio.