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I'm trying to identify who this woman is. Due to the article linked here, I think this photo was taken on July 8, 1914. I am wondering if this is Rose or Mary Yuster. or it's also possible that Lillian Rubel has been misidentified and this is her.

I was looking at this picture of Bouck White being arrested on 05/10/1914:

And I noticed this woman on the left side of the picture. Her affect seemed "off." I'm going to look for her in other pictures. I'm wondering if she might be Jane Est. Just a hunch right now.


What became of Jane Est? Her name just seems to disappear.

What happened to Jane Est's son, Louis?

Is Jane Est Jane Rolston? I don't think so because both were mentioned as being at an event described in this article.

Did Louise Berger come back to the U.S.?

Were women more involved with oration than men?

How organized where the demostrations? It is seeming to me that Marie Ganz, for example, was being sent to specifically cause a ruckus around Rockefeller. Where Becky Edelson seemed to speak to the broader issues of "free speech." I am not finding articles where they are both getting arrested at the same events.

Why does the 1910 census record show Becky's mother's name is Biela but other sources show Lena?

What happened to Becky's brother Max & sister Dora?

What's the story behind Alfred Stieglitz photographing Becky in c. 1920.

John Crawford & Helen Rebecca Edelson married 11/28/1925

Free Silence Movement

Anti Militarist

Church of the Social Revolution (Bouck White)

Article described Arthur Caron as being Louise Berger's "sweetheart."

Upton Sinclair made a point that I have similarly made: "the foreigner is the hope of the country. Americans will stand for anything these days, but the foreigner came here to secure liberty, and he will fight for it."

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