April 14, 1914



NEW YORK, April 13.— Stylishly dressed women in Dr. Parkhurst's Madison Square Presbyterian church
Sunday saw the eviction and arrest of Jane Est, an I. W. W. leader when she sought to break up the services
by denouncing the pastor and flaunting before the congregation an editorial he had written on the status of the unemployed.

While the offering was being taken and soft music was vibrating through the edifice, Jane Est was taken by an usher to a seat directly over the chancel in the south gallery. She had no sooner been placed there when she suddenly jumped up and waving a newspaper before the astonished men and women beside her, began to attack Dr. Parkhurst. the services were being conducted at the time by Rev. George P. Montgomery, assistant pastor.

Attacks Dr. Parkhurst


"I want to call this congregation's attention to an article in this paper," she cried as she leaned over the balustrade, wildly waving her arms to accentuate her screeches.

"This church has a minister who repudiated Christ," she said. "In today's article he says that Christ has nothing to do with the conditions of the poor in New York City. He doesn't know."

The congregation by this time was aflutter with excitement. The new Easter bonnets were wildly bobbing about. Everyone wanted to get a glimpse of the person who dared interrupt the sacred proceedings.

Ushers hurried through the aisles. The sexton J. H. Tibbits was the first to reach the woman.

Scene With Sexton

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself?" he asked her as he tried to quiet her and place her back in her seat.

"Ashamed?" she cried at the top of her voice. "I guess not. I have a perfect right--"

Just then the organ played by Dr. Parkhurst's brother, Howard F. Parkhurst boomed forth strains that completely engulfed the piercing tones of the agitator.

Men and women left their seats. Some of the women near tried to talk to her but defiantly she waved them aside, thrusting the paper in their faces.

Almost Carried from Church


But the sexton had lost no time. He darted out, told Policeman O'Connor of the disturbance and soon had the officer as a companion in the work of removing the noisemaker. With the assistance of several ushers, they succeeded in obtaining a hold upon Jane and bore her almost bodily from the building, followed by about half the congregation.

Once in the street, she set up howls of epithets at the church, the well dressed Easter church goers, the police department, the newspapers, the country and everything that entered her head.

Struggling she was led to the station house. there she stood before the desk, still grasping the newspaper that had so aroused her indignation.

Wanted First Page Space


"Where were all the reporters?" she asked Lieut. Powers. "There wasn't a one in church. This should really make a first page story and now all I have done is wasted."

"What's your name?" the lieutenant demanded. She gave it, her age 35, and her residence "heaven."

"I preach the doctrine of Jesus Christ--but don't get paid for it. So I am justified in saying that I have no occupation. Have you got that all down?"