July 27, 1914


Prisoner Takes Medicine for Her Nerves, but Refuses Food.

While she seemed somewhat weaker from her hunger strike in the Workhouse, Becky Edelson still had enough strength left yesterday to denounce the officers of the Department of Correction and their refusal either to feed her forcibly or the release her.

Miss Edelson at 6 o'clock last night was supposed to have been 250 hours without food. If she is still fasting at noon today, she will have gone a week without eating, so far as the prison authorities know. She was led to the dining room twice yesterday and food was offered to her, but she refused it. She asked for some medicine for her nerves and took a glass of water with the medicine. 

Deputy Commissioner of Correction Burdette G. Lewis said last night he understood that Miss Edelson would attempt to obtain her release today by giving the peace bond she refused to give at first. Her lawyer, Justus Sheffield, is expected at the Workhouse this morning. 

Alexander Berkman said that the stories about Miss Edelson's desire to give a peace bond were "inspired because Commissioner Davis found she had a white elephant on her hands." He asserted that no peace bond would be given with Miss Edelson's consent.

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