July 25, 1914

Reba Edelson Says She Did Not Eat as Workhouse Official Says She Did.

NEW YORK, July 25.—"Feed me forcibly or let me out to get a square meal," was the plea today of Reba Edelson, I. W. W. agitator, who declared for a hunger strike when she was take to the workhouse a few days ago to serve a sentence. Becky confided to Dr. Katz, house physician, that she was "sick and tired of this whole business."

"Do you mean that you want to get out of here after your promise to starve to death?" asked Dr. Katz with much concern.

"I didn't eat as you said I did," declared Becky. “You are giving me a black eye among Berkman, Tucker and other great men and I want to get out and tell the world what a pack of liars you all are.”

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