August 11, 1914


Rose Pastor Stokes Heads Meeting to Warn Commissioner Davis.

A woman's mass meeting to protest against forcibly feeding Becky Edelson attracted 300 women and a few men to Murray Hill Lyceum last night. Rose Pastor Stokes presided.

 A resolution calling upon the Attorney General to investigate "tortures inflicted upon Becky Edelson, not contemplated in the sentence passed upon her by a Magistrate," was voted down, and a substitute was passed notifying Commissioner Davis that the women held her "personally responsible" for Miss Edelson's well being.

When forcible feeding was under consideration a women asked if those present favored letting Miss Edelson starve to death since Commissioner Davis could not release her and must feed her or let her die.

"The Commissioner can resign as a protest against the outrageous alternatives presented by the judicial system," shouted some one, and the sentiment was applauded.

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn hailed Commissioner Davis as "The Asquith of America," and Mrs. William English Walling denounced the newspapers. Miss Matilda Robbins said Miss Edelson was "a captive revolutionist, giving her life in protest against denial of her rights."

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